Ecology Assignment



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Ecology Assignment
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  1. Go to one of the following feeder cameras:



  1. For best results, be sure to start watching ~30 minutes BEFORE sunrise.
  2. For every time you see a unique species, record the time and count of that species
    1. For example, a if a mourning dove appears at 7:15 A.M I would record the following:
    2. 7:15 Mourning dove  +1
  3. Check the cameras every 15 to 20 minutes, recording what species, how many of each, and how long each stay.
  4. Be sure to note which birds seem to dominate the feeder and which seem to coexist with each other
  5. In a write-up (2-3 pages) summarize the cyclic pattern of when birds appear at feeders. What are the 2 major parts of the day that more birds appear to be feeding? Assuming you got the parts of the day right, why do you suggest that more birds feed then? Which species seem to appear together and which seem to appear to avoid each other? Make your own inferences in terms of ecology and competition…be sure these are grounded in ecological fact.


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