Discussion post

Based on the lectures, readings, and other resources from Week10, you will write a short discussion post of about 150 – 175 words (it is fine if you go over this). In it, you will mention 3 things you found interesting or significant and why. Also, create a question you would ask the group to start a discussion about one of the topics covered during the week.

Please write in complete sentences and say things in your own words. You do not have to do formal academic referencing for this. You need to submit these at least 1 hour before your tutorial sessions so that others have a chance to read them and you can read theirs. You will need to create a discussion post before you read the content from other students. These weekly discussion posts will contribute towards half of your participation marks.

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Discussion post
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Feedback from Week 9

Overall the discussion posts were excellent. There were great interest and engagement with the class topics and reflection on the issues.

Writing Style
Write your post as a paragraph rather than listing points by numbers – 1, 2, 3.
Include why you found the points you are including interesting or significant, don’t just list them 
Don’t forget to pose a question that would get a discussion going on the week’s topics.

The place we live in is Mi’kma’ki and the people are the Mi’kmaq. A few people said Mi’kma’ki people.
The preferred term for Indigenous peoples is Indigenous, not Aboriginal or Native. Aboriginal was imposed by the Canadian government.
Be sure to capitalize Indigenous as it represents peoples.
Capitalize proper names and place names – Mi’kmaq, Mi’kma’ki, First Nations, etc.

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