Cultural Geography Essay

In preparation for your final paper, create a final paper proposal. Your final paper proposal is part of your final paper grade. In your proposal, include your name, and provide a title for your final paper. Next, write a 5-sentence paragraph that will serve as the introduction to your final paper. In your paragraph, explain how we can’t understand culture with culture, discuss the object you will analyze, and state what your analysis demonstrates. Finally, include a short annotated bibliography. Your bibliography should include at least three sources from this semester. Course readings and lecture notes are acceptable sources for your final paper. Under the citation you provide for each source, include an annotation. For the purposes of our class, an annotation means three sentences of explanation under each formatted citation. The first two sentences of your annotation should state what the source tells you, and the third and final sentence should be a statement of how that source is useful for your paper.

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Cultural Geography Essay
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