Counseling Therapies

Description: The final paper is described below. The student will be required to utilize information from the Corsini text as well as information from two peer-reviewed journal articles. Length will is between 4-5 pages, Time Roman font 12. The reference section (make sure it’s written in APA style) is not included in this page length. The paper must be written in APA style (third person).

This paper requires you to formulate and describe your preferred theories of counseling/psychotherapy (2) that will guide your work with clients. You must select two preferred theories from the ones identified and discussed in class. Imagine yourself in a variety of different professional settings with different types of clients (e.g., counseling center, inpatient hospital, outpatient primary care setting, community mental health agency, etc.). For many of you this will be the first time you will attempt to describe in an organized and succinct fashion those major theories that will guide your counseling practice. Regardless of your clinical experience to date, an explicit summary of these most personally relevant and influential theories of psychotherapy will help guide your efforts when you begin to provide therapy with clients in the near future. Consider the following points when describing the preferred theories:

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Counseling Therapies
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· brief overview of basic philosophy

· nature of therapy

· process of therapy

· therapeutic techniques

· research support: a discussion of the empirical evidence and quality (use information from journal articles)

· Strengths and limitations of your preferred theories. Identify the strengths and limitations from your perspective (as therapist) and that of a client. Being capable of identifying the limitations of your preferred theories is a particularly important task because the issues you identify will guide your future reading, thinking, discussions with others, and your actions with clients as you continue to grow and develop in your professional role.

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