Code of Ethical Conduct

For this assignment, you will complete an expository essay identifying and explaining the ethical issues of Jane’s Case Study. Within the essay, you will apply a principle from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct to an ethical issue and explain how to uphold that principle in the early learning environment. You will also use NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct to guide your actions to address conflict with your team and present specific strategies you can use to resolve issues, create cooperation, and build team alliances.

Using the Unit 10 Assignment Template, please include the following:

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Code of Ethical Conduct
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Identify the ethical issue(s) presented in the case scenario.
Choose at least one principle from NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct Supplement for Early Childhood Program Administrators that applies to the scenario.
Based on the chosen principle, explain your responsibility as an early childhood professional in this scenario.
Describe at least two specific actions you would take to address the ethical issue.
Discuss the possible conflicts that may arise from your actions and how you will address them. Include specific strategies you can use to resolve these issues with your team, while creating cooperation and building team alliances.

Writing Requirements and Assignment Guidelines

Your assignment should be a 2-page expository essay, not including the Title and Reference pages, and should include the following elements:

Title page: Provide your name, title of assignment, course and section number, and date.
Body: Answer all the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs, reflecting appropriate personal and professional insights.
Reference page: Include at least two sources listed in APA format.
Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced and left aligned.
Use standard 1″ margins on all sides.
Use APA formatting and citation style.
If you need assistance with APA style, please visit the Academic Success Center.
Submitting Your Assignment

Use the provided Unit 10 Assignment Template. Save it in a location and with a name that you will remember. When you are ready to submit, select the Unit 10 Assignment Dropbox and upload your file. To view your graded work after your instructor has evaluated it, please visit your Gradebook.

This assignment addresses the following unit learning outcomes:

Provide resolutions to ethical challenges based on the principles outlined in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.
Explain strategies that adhere to the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct in the early learning environment.
It also addresses the following Course Outcomes:

CE401-6: Apply the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct to practice as an early childhood professional.

GEL-7.03: Analyze the effects of ethical decision-making on human behavior.

PC-1.3: Apply conflict management skills to resolve issues and/or build team alliances.

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