Biography of ghandi

You will write about the life and work of your chosen figure, focusing on the biographical details of their life and the ways in which they used their writing to bear witness, calling attention to social conditions or societal issues
For this essay you must draw from the writings of your figure, quoting from their work to provide examples of their writing and its power.
Because you will be analyzing your chosen figure’s writing, you may want to use a research question like, ​how did _____’s writing call attention to social conditions, and contribute to change?
Your paper’s thesis statement will then function as an answer to your research question, and provide a roadmap for both you, the writer, and your reader as to what points your paper will be making.
Acceptable Sources:
● Websites (Must be reputable; check with me if you’re unsure. In general, avoid blogs and personal websites.)
● ​Newspaper articles (take advantage of your free NYTimes subscription)
● Magazine articles (can be accessed through CSI library databases)
● Scholarly journals (can be accessed through CSI library databases)
● Radio programs/podcasts (NPR archives are a good resource. Visit
● Documentary Films

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Biography of ghandi
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