Virtual Exhibition

Topic, title, and preliminary list of artworks: November 10th–bring to class

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Final project due: November 18th on Canvas

You are a museum curator and you would like to mount a thematic show of artworks from the Renaissance to today. Though the exhibition will be historically varied, all artworks will examine a central theme of your choosing. The exhibition proposal will have four artworks, including one from each of this class’s three units (Ren./Baroque, 18th/19th Centuries, and 20th Century) and at least one artwork that we did not cover that you found on your own. This project will evaluate your cumulative comprehension of course material, comparative thinking and writing skills, as well as some outside research.

This project consists of two main components:

Title and proposal text (300-400 words)

This portion should introduce the main theme and scope of your exhibition, as well as how it will be presented in the gallery. You should have a clear reason for bringing these works together, a thought-provoking title, and a connection to key art historical concepts. This is the most narrative portion of your paper and should indicate engagement with course content, creative and original framing of your chosen works, and outside research of at least two scholarly sources.*

Four wall texts (100-150 words each)

Write a brief wall text under each title and image of four works that you are including to accompany the work in the gallery. This text should both introduce the work’s significance to the viewer and connect to your theme. It is important to think about how to write concisely and clearly for these entries, as they would be read by visitors to your exhibition next to the work. You are not merely restating a basic museum website entry or Wikipedia entry but rather connecting this work to your exhibition’s theme.

*Appropriate scholarly sources include: books from the Art and Architecture Library and scholarly articles from established journals. Cite sources using MLA or Chicago.

For a guide on conducting art historical research and writing in art history, see:

You should have one work of art from each of the class’s three units and one that you found through your research.
Potential topics may include any theme or concept that runs across the periods and artworks you study. Your project will look at how your topic has been explored in art in the specific moments you analyze in each work.
Your proposal should be clearly organized into sections: a thought-provoking title, a narrative proposal text, a set of four images each followed by a caption and your wall text, and a works cited section.

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