Articulate and Discuss what you have learned during your Research

Articulate and Discuss what you have learned during your Research

Technology is a crucial aspect of education since it ushers in significant structural changes essential in achieving fundamental learning milestones. Besides, technology infuses the education sector with digital learning equipment such as hand-held devices and computers that improve students’ learning experience. On the other hand, outdoor activities increase course offerings, motivation, and student engagement to accelerate learning. Both technology and outdoor activities play a significant role in education by linking teachers to their professional content and students to boost personalized learning. This essay will analyze and interpret arguments from literature while evaluating significant theories and concepts related to schools having less technology time and more outdoor time for preschool kids through grade 12.

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Articulate and Discuss what you have learned during your Research
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The Most Important Discoveries or Insights that Researchers have made about this Topic

The essential discovery made by the research about having less technology time and more outdoor activities is that there should be a balance betweenthe crucial tools provided by technology to assist us in connecting with the knowledge world and outdoor activities (Slutsky&DeShetler, 2016). Parents and teachers need to take a step back and evaluate nature’s positive results in children’s development. Outdoor activities provide students with ample time to develop creativity and observation skills (Yıldırım&Akamca, 2017). The skills are essential in achieving higher scores on tests and learning readiness. I also learned that outdoor learning breaks classroom monotony promoted by technology, such as lower self-esteem and anxiety by reducing ADHA in kids through exposure to green spaces (Yıldırım&Akamca, 2017). Outdoor time provides students to learn beyond the classroom and develop perceptions that lead to an improved learning experience.


Where the Researchers Agree and Disagree

While technology plays a crucial role in our education system, we can also probably concur that tech has downsides on students’ lives. The researchers agree that we should, in part,take a step back and re-evaluate the significance we attach to technology in classroom settings. Furthermore, the researchers agree that even though outdoor activities are crucial, we cannot overlook the potential dangers stemming from the allocation of too much time in technology. Lissak (2018), British children experience sleep difficulties because of spending a lot of time on technological devices. Children in preschool through grade 12 need to gain physical, cognitive, and behavioral benefits from outdoor activities.

However, some researchers disagree that too much time spent on technological devices is the only cause of sleep difficulties among children. Slutsky &DeShelter (2016) provide a different dimension to psychological problems among children by opining that they can also result from failure to participate in active class activities and get enough sleep. Similarly, researchers such as Zomer& Kay (2016) disagree that technology can improve students’ learning activities. The authors stipulate that parents and teachers should monitor their children’s activities on screens since they have become new playgrounds since it influences their desire to link with peers.

The literature reviews show that researchers agree that outdoor activities are essential for children’s development since it contributes to psychological development. The outdoor play exposes children to sunlight essential in setting natural biorhythms, which is essential in developing a healthy sleeping schedule (Yıldırım&Akamca, 2017). On the contrary, children should not be restricted from technology to adequately represent their families (Slutsky&DeShetler, 2016). Additionally, the literature review agrees that outdoor activities in education relate to verbal agitation, such as adequate communication skills and positive motor skills.

My Opinion on the Topic based on Analyzed Literature and Primary Sources

My opinion about having less technology time and more outdoor time for kids in preschool through grade 12 is that an unbalanced technology-rich system has inherent negative consequences on children’s development. I believe that affording students too much time on technology can lead to internet addiction, obesity, and increased violence due to cyberbullying. Besides, my opinion about giving more preference for outdoor activities is that playing and exploring nature is essential for developing all-rounded and healthy students(Yıldırım&Akamca, 2017). However, it is disheartening that parents have difficulty striking a balance between technology consumption and playing time.

Key Theories and Concepts IEvaluated and Applied to Reach this Determination

One of the theoriesis Erickson’s psychological development theory, which states that children’s outdoor activities to develop trust, mistrust, autonomy, shame, initiative, and guilt. The stages of Erickson’s psychological development outline achieving competence in certain life areas is the primary motivation of people (Syed & McLean, 2017). I also evaluated Freud’s development theory to determine that children’s behavior and personality are motivated by conflicts at every stage (Lantz & Ray, 2020). Besides, I applied Piaget’s theory to understand the impact of sensory perception and motor activities in creating ideas through developing language and comprehension (Ahmad et al., 2016).I also evaluated and applied in reaching this determination include behavioral approaches that employ reinforcements to boost learning during early childhood. The behavioral principle states that students influence students more with the expectation they create in the education system.

Where I Found the Most Support for my Thesis

I found the most support for my thesis from the research of Yıldırım&Özyılmaz (2017). The authors explored that outdoor education is of utmost importance, especially among preschoolers through grade 12,because it enhances a wider perception concerning things. The authors also stated that giving more preference for outdoor activities such as playing and exploring nature is essential for developing all-rounded and healthy students. Children who participate in outdoor activities gain physical, cognitive, and behavioral benefits essential in improving their sleeping schedules (Yıldırım&Akamca, 2017). Outdoor time provides children with opportunities to develop creativity and observation skills.

The Aspects that Changed my Thesis

The aspect that changed my thesis is that technology enhances relationships between teachers and students. Technology helps teachers assume the role of an adviser by effectively enhancing digital practices into subjects. Technology is all around us and expands tremendously, undoubtedly facilitating teachers’ ability to reach students simultaneously (Slutsky&DeShetler, 2016). I overcame the challenge because despite revolutionizing traditional education practices, technology still causes internet addiction that consumes a lot of students’ time. Technology and multi-tasking alterinformation pathways, making children susceptible to addiction to digital stimulus platforms. Outdoor play makes learning fun by improving children’s ability to recognize emotions.

In conclusion, technology and outdoor activities are essential in the education setting by boosting personalized learning bylinking teachers and students. However, outdoor activities accelerate learning by increasing course offerings, motivation, and student engagement. The key theory that I evaluated in the research is Erickson’s psychological development, outlining that achieving competence in certain life areas is the primary motivation. What supported my thesis is that children’s outdoor activities boostphysical, cognitive, and behavioral development, essential in improving sleep.



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