Write an article on a water issue of your choice

We would like you to choose a water issue or conflict that is fairly recent or ongoing, and assess the issue using as many perspectives as possible (think about the weekly class topics, in terms of perspectives: physical, social, water quality, sustainability, governance, human health, etc.) Examples of such issues might be: the Flint, MI water crisis, the Cape Town, South Africa or Great Lakes flooding/high water levels, Climate change adaptation/impact, competition for the Colorado River or Great Lakes water, developing/restoring the Florida Everglades, Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia, an international water dispute, and so many other possibilities. Use your favorite news outlet or search engine to find something that interests you, or write about something that has been introduced in class. (For a list of documented water conflicts in the world see the website under Supplemental Content — https://www.worldwater.org/water-conflict/)


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Write an article on a water issue of your choice
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Your Assignment

You are a reporter for the “Global Water Daily News” and have been assigned to cover a compelling water story for the upcoming issue. Using your growing knowledge of water resource sustainability and with a bit of your own research, write/present a story about an interesting water issue, in 750 to 1000 words. Choose your own issue and “angle” for the story and make it interesting for the “Global Water Daily News” reader. For example, you may choose to focus on the human/cultural elements of the issue, the administrative elements, the physical elements, ecological issues or a combination of several elements. Consider the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, & why) when constructing your piece (but the 5 W’s should not be the headings of your article!): who (governance authorities, victims, agencies involved, etc.); what (don’t assume your reader knows what happened…what are the basic set of facts that all reader must know? Provide a source(s) where appropriate), where (beyond city/state…you have the tools to dig further, for example find the watershed, etc.), why (your thoughtful analysis gets at the why: what is really going on?; what are the key take-home points that you’d like the reader to know, etc.)

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