Template for Exam 3

Template for Exam 3

Premise: The year is 2045. You are on Mars and COVID19 has broken out in the human population. You must propose the creation of a vaccine and get it to the inhabitants on the other side of the planet who just arrived before they perish. (they have no electricity set up at this time and are isolating until your vaccine is delivered).

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Template for Exam 3
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If successful, your proposal will be funded, your vaccine will be created using your strategy and your proposal here will be delivered to the far side inhabitants so they can read and understand what you have created and implement dosing/treatment/supply information to the people regarding using your vaccine.

———————–Delete this section above—————————————————-

[Name of your vaccine here]

Creator: [Your name here]

Company: [Your vaccine company name here]



Use this section to educate your audience on the background information they need to understand the topic you will address in your paper. Be sure to address the important points in each section. You can use the points listed as subheadings in your paper. Each subheading section should contain at least 250 words as a guideline.

Explain what vaccines are

How the immune system interacts with vaccines

Discuss/explain briefly the different types of vaccine strategies (ie-killed, modified live, attenuated, mRNA etc.)

Vaccine strategy

Use this section to discuss:

The vaccine strategy you have chosen to use.

What the strategy is and how it works in detail

Whythis strategy is the one you chose to use for your vaccine (pros and cons of the strategy)


The Technology

Use this section to describe in detail the technology behind your vaccine. You must include the NCBI detail of the part of the virus you chose to use. Screen shot with your computer details showing–(to show it is your work as you did in your biotechnology BLAST assignment). IF YOUARE USING ROBOTS TO HELP CREATE YOUR VACCINE OR 3d PRINTING DESCRIBE WHO,WHAT,HOW in this section. If robots or 3D will be used in manufacturing, add them to the manufacturing section.

If it is a protein you target, discuss the protein in detail (what it is, what it does, where is it found in/on the virus etc.) Paste the protein codes from NCBI

If it is the full virus you are using in your vaccine (include the genome BLAST of the virus) and discuss the genome version you chose from the BLAST (where the specimen came from, why you chose that version, note if there are other versions available as well)




Manufacturing Plan

Explain in detail how you will build out your facility:

Manufacturing facility (size, location, number of vaccines that can be delivered in a day etc.) Describe your vision.

Facility considerations (air handling, sterility, batch control, personal protective equipment etc.)

Vaccine delivery methodology(how you will deliver your vaccine to regions with no electricity.You need to keep your vaccine cold you must describe how you plan to keep it cold with no electricity all the way to the healthcare provider to administer your vaccine.




(insert your creative here in this section. Make sure it is large enough to view. If it is a podcast insert the sound file in the word document

Bring the fun, in this section. You will apply your chosen profession to this section. Explain how you will let the public know your vaccine exists. Why they should consider asking for it from their healthcare team. Address concerns they may have, why your vaccine is safe. You can use Canva as you did to make your infographic in the first assignment. Do not make an infographic!Take a look through the tons of other digital options you have available to use free in Canva.

Some examples of possible creatives:

If you are an entrepreneur, you can make a pitch deck for your vaccine

If you are a design/marketing/ business student- you can make an Instagram story, digital poster, Tick Tok type video etc.

If you are a film maker, you can make a video{2-minute max}

If you are a psychology major perhaps create an audio file discussing some of the psychological concerns surrounding vaccines the inhabitants may have( Podcast style)

I don’t like to tell you what to create for this section. I like to leave it up to you to bring your passions and creativity and interests to this section. Create what you feel your interests and strengths bring to addressing marketing the bringing awareness of your vaccine to the public.


How to: Inserting a Sound File in Your Word Document

  1. Position the insertion point where you want the sound inserted.
  2. Choose Object from the InsertWorddisplays the Object dialog box.
  3. Click on the Create from File (See Figure 1.)
  4. Use the controls on the dialog box to locate a sound filethat you want included with your document.
  5. Click on OK.











Add your references here using APA style here in order





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