Strategic Management and Leadership on Samsung Company

Assignment title Strategic Management & Leadership  
Read the following Scenario, and prepare a Report with the guidelines provided.
Assignment Task 1 Strategic Report [60 Marks]  
Scenario:Your first assignment is to help save a company that is on the ropes: it is losing money, it is losing market share, and it seems to have lost its identity.  Unless you intervene, the company will have to fold.

You will write a formal report and you may use graphics and charts in the report that will be sent ahead of the Board meeting to each member of the Board. The report should include full citations for all references (using the Harvard Referencing System format), to support your claims and approach. The body of the report should be clear, concise, and compelling.

Your report should include the following aspects:

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Strategic Management and Leadership on Samsung Company
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  1. Executive Summary and Introduction. [5 Marks]
  2. Focus on the relationships between strategy, stakeholder expectations, and organizational performance, choosing a theory of strategic management to explain those relationships and expectations. Justify to the Board why you settled on this approach rather than some other one. [10 Marks]
  3. Identify and evaluate the impact of external factors on strategic management in international context, particularly economic, political, and cultural factors. [10 Marks]
  4. Based on the analysis of the environments (internal and external) use relevant tools and formulate a new strategy to face the challenges and meet organizational objectives. Critically evaluate the strategy and justify why this is the best way forward.  [10 Marks]
  5. Explain how your business strategy encourages and supports innovation and change, and evaluate your strategy against competing strategies based on its contribution to the success of your organization. [10 Marks]
  6. Develop an implementation plan for the strategy you have developed and document how your plan will fulfill major stakeholder expectations. [10 Marks]
  7. Recommendations and Conclusion [5 Marks]

The report shall not exceed 4,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.

Assignment Task 2 Organizational Redesign [20 Marks]  
Scenario:For the above strategy how would you restructure the organization which enables it to overcome the challenges and improve innovation, collaboration and coordination?


Develop and submit a strategic restructure plan. Include current organization chart and proposed organizational charts and describe the changes in detail.

  1. Analyse the current organizational structure and evaluate its effectiveness in meeting organizational objectives. Describe the reasons why a restructure is required to enable the new strategy implementation. Include current organization chart and proposed organizational chart. Describe the proposed structural changes and its benefits in detail. [15 Marks]


  1. Critically evaluate the restructure plan addressing possible issues and negative consequences and ways to overcome them. [5 Marks]


The report shall not exceed 2,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.



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