Psychological Disorders, Stigma and Therapy

Question 1:
Nearly all of us have known someone at some point of our lives who has suffered from depression, alcoholism, anxiety or another psychological disorder. What is your perception, at this point, of abnormal psychology, psychopathology, mental illness and psychological disorders? What is your own experience and knowledge of psychological disorders? How do you think this course might have changed your perception of psychological disorders, stigma and therapies.

Earn up to 15 points for question 1

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Psychological Disorders, Stigma and Therapy
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Question 2:
Society tends to stigmatize behaviors that are seen as different and less desirable than what is considered the acceptable norm. Substance use, and moods and behaviors often associated with mental illness, clearly fall into this category. The stigma (prejudice and discrimination) associated with substance use and mental health problems creates barriers to accessing necessary care and support for individuals and their families. Define stigma. How does stigma affect the individual who is stigmatized? How does stigma affect family members of those who are stigmatized. Discuss at least three ways in which educators and society can educate the medical profession, as well as society to reduce, and eventually eliminate, stigmatization.

Earn up to 20 points for Question 2

Question 3:
What Are the Potential Limitations of Cognitive Therapies?

Which Patients Benefit from Cognitive Therapies?
How Do Cognitive Therapies Work?
How Do Cognitive Therapies Improve Depression?
How Does CBT Improve Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders?
Are Cognitive Therapies Different When Used in Children vs. …
Explain why Cognitive Therapies may also be Effective for Other Disorders?
Earn up to 25 points for Question 3

Submit (attach a doc, docx, pdf or rtf document only, using Arial Font, size 12; double spaced) presenting your thoughts and feelings on the three questions pondered in this assignment.

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