Orlando Tree Trek

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Situation Analysis: Orlando Tree Trek (OTT) is a new business opened in 2015 in Kissimmee, FL a few miles south of Route 192 and the Main Gate Entrance to Walt Disney World®.
• OTT has relied mainly on tourists, teams and school groups as a source of business in its first few years of operation.
• OTT experiences seasonal peaks and valleys in their business volume due to typical Orlando leisure tourism demand fluctuations and the weather. That is, OTT is busy on weekends, holidays, spring break and summer time. OTT is under-utilized more than 50% of the time (that is, weekdays and a majority of the calendar year.)
• The mix of business is about 50% adult couples and 50% families. The attraction is appropriate for kids and adults ages 7 and older.
• There are SEVERAL direct and indirect competitors that are “small attractions” and “things to do” in the local and regional market from the Kennedy Space Center to Top Golf to Gatorland, and more.
• There are several untapped market segments and “buyers” from local and tourist communities.
Problem statement: How do we know if we are being as successful as possible? Are we leaving potential revenue on the table? Are we maximizing our time and space? If we were to open today, who would we want and target as our customer?
Task: As their consultant, review their current business. A marketing plan or business plan does not exist currently. What works, what doesn’t? Who are their direct and indirect competitors? How does this competitive set effect and impact them? What opportunities exist, that they have yet to realize? Visit and experience the product.
1. Clearly outline and assess their product and experience using a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis should effectively audit OTT and assist its stakeholders in the first stage of planning and help it market with a focus on key issues. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors. A strength is a positive internal factor. A weakness is a negative internal factor. An opportunity is a positive external factor. A threat is a negative external factor.
a. Complete a detailed SWOT answering the above questions relating to at least 2 competitors.
2. Clearly identify at least 2 potential target audiences of customers and the times when those customer market segments will impact the business. Will they be high value, incremental customers in the off-season and on weekdays, or will they be low value customers seeking to utilize the facilities when they are at full capacity, etc.?
3. What are the demographic personas of each target audience?
4. What social media strategies would you use to target these potential target audiences?
5. What public relations strategies would you use to target these potential target audiences?

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