Living through and with COVID

Prepare the informative speech outline. To prepare the outline, use the full-sentence outline method
. The outline should have enough content in order to deliver a 5-7 minute informative speech. The outline should include the following:

Specific Purpose
Central Idea (aka: Thesis Statement or Preview Statement)
Introduction – capture attention, establish YOUR speaker credibility, preview the speech
Body – key points (minimum of 3), transitions between main points, supporting materials from at least 3 sources including in-text references to the sources.
Conclusion – signal the end, summarize main points, bring finality
Researched supporting material references (minimum 3) – include a works cited at the end of your outline, use APA format.
Identification of a presentation aid (visual)

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Living through and with COVID
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Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with in-text citations and full references in APA format.

Please let me know if you are able to view the full-sentence outline method document. That is what will direct you through the process. Thank you!

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