How Epidemiology affects human obesity

Topic: How Epidemiology affects human obesity
Term Paper General Instruction and Guide
HLSC 4300
As part of this course, you will conduct literature review and write a term paper in the area of epidemiology (public health). You will follow an APA format in completing the assignment. The components of an APA format paper include:
1. Cover page
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
4. Methods
5. Results
6. Discussion/Conclusion
7. References

The components of the term paper must be organized and presented in a written report meeting the following stipulations:
a. A typed word document in no less than 5 pages (excluding cover and reference pages)

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How Epidemiology affects human obesity
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b. Double spaced, “Times New Roman” font with font size 12.

c. Title page is the first page of an APA-format paper. It includes the manuscript page header, the running head, the manuscript’s title in 12 words or less, and the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s).

d. Must include a one page abstract summarizing the content of the work done and should include the following sections:
i. Background/introduction
ii. Methods
iii. Results/findings
iv. Discussions
v. Conclusions

e. The abstract should be followed by background/introduction where you conduct literature review based on your topic and write the findings.
For the literature review, you will review as much literature related to your research questions. For example, let us say that you wanted to research the effectiveness of post-surgery procedure like radiation and chemotherapy. You would begin by identifying some key words like radiation, chemotherapy, post-surgery. You would then identify the search engines that you will be using e.g. Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, EbscHost, etc. Once you put in these key words you may get several hundred articles all of which will not be directly related to your research topic. You must now go through as many of these as possible and find the ones that are relevant and related to your research topic. In doing, this refinement you will narrow these several hundred articles to about 8 to 10. The final revised literature will be the source of your background, discussion and conclusion sections. That is, after reading and understanding what these 8-10 literature/articles have to say on the matter you will in turn make your own conclusion on the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy as post-operative procedures.

f. The method and result sections follow after background/introduction. The objective of the method section is to provide sufficient detail about your experiment to enable readers to evaluate its appropriateness or replicate your study should they desire. The result section contains information about the statistical findings from the experiment. It is your job in the results section to decode the meaning of your numbers into words for the reader. At the same time you must provide the factual, numerical basis to back your decoding.

g. Discussion: Follow up with your own discussion and personal views, experience, opinions, dislikes, and complains, hopes and dreams, future directions regarding prevention, diagnosis, control and treatment.
h. Conclusion: Finally close with your own conclusion.
i. Document must include all references and all cited sources used to compile the report and presentation.
j. No less than 10 peer-reviewed and or authentic agencies and sources will be accepted.

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