Final Project

Pick a company that you are familiar with and have sufficient first-hand access to their operational information, e.g. a company you, a family member or friend works/worked for, or a business you interacted closely as a customer. Study, analyze, and report on the company independently. Conduct the following research, and develop an analysis paper covering:
1. Specify at least one, and no more than three, critical service and/or operational capabilities the company must excel in to succeed. E.g. product quality, speed of delivery, customer service, competitive pricing, service flexibility, availability or dependability, etc. Do not be generic and list everything, focus on the business’ core competencies.
2. How does the company attempt to excel at these capabilities against their competitors? How can it improve?
3. Chart the current Value Stream Map of a key process (such as production, the customer communications or customer service, or order management cycle), analyze the opportunities for improvement. Chart the future state (and the ideal state if possible) of the Value Stream Map.
4. Based on your research, how do the company’s operations strategy impact their marketing and business strategies, and provide competitive advantages or lead to disadvantages?
5. Which areas do you think the company should focus on operationally in order to scale or grow? Propose a growth strategy operationally for 2021.

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Final Project
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