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Please draft two (2) versions of an employment contract based on the following information.  In your contracts, include as many contract provisions as possible to protect your client.  In one version your client is the employee, Maximillian Jarvis.  In the other version of the employment contract, your client is the employer, Sassy Silhouettes, Inc.  Both versions of the contract will have many common provisions.  However, to protect your respective clients and their specific demands, you will need to include provisions and clauses in one version that may not be beneficial to the other client and, hence, not be in the other version of the employment contract. Include detailed provisions regarding benefits and work responsibilities.  You may assume facts to fulfill these requirements.  Be creative!   Do you need to include a governing law clause, a liquidated damage clause, an arbitration clause, a statute of frauds clause, an anti-competition clause, and/or a confidentiality clause?   The contract should be in typed form, well-organized, labeled, and include a place for both parties’ signatures.  Be Complete!  As a starting point for formatting your contracts, you may want to Google employment contract templates.  You may also want to research typical employment contract clauses to consider. This project is designed to investigate and apply the contract material covered in our textbook.


After you have drafted both versions of the employment contract, please include a written description of the differences between your two (2) versions and why you drafted them differently.  I realize you are not attorneys, so just try your best and enjoy it.  I am not holding you to the level of contract drafting of a professional attorney.


Please submit both contracts and your written explanation to Professor Beier via email at lbeier@kent.edu by midnight of the due date.. 


If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Professor Beier via email or telephone at 330-672-1206.






Client Information:



Employer:             Sassy Silhouettes, Inc.

A Dallas-based cosmetic firm with an internationally renowned reputation.


Employee:             Maximillian Jarvis

An extremely talented and highly successful chemist with many years of experience and a distinguished reputation in the cosmetic industry.


Position:               Lead Chemist in the Research and Development Department

Primary Job Responsibilities include development of new products and product lines.


Compensation:     Fixed annual salary with generous fringe benefits + the possibility of shared profits for products successfully developed.





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