In this assignment, you will analyze the concept of diversity, autonomy, and bioethics.
There exists a crossroads between diversity, autonomy, and bioethics, which must be identified and respected. The enigma of patient-centered care exercising patient autonomy with an overlay of cultural diversity and bioethics is highly complex. The right choice rests within the patient, and the health professional must provide the necessary information to allow the patient to make the best suitable choice based on his or her personal values.

REQUIREMENTS: read the articles listed below (ATTACHED) and prepare a 3-5 page response highlighting the challenges of diversity, autonomy, and bioethics for the healthcare professional and a best practice approach to how healthcare delivery can best accommodate the diverse population of the United States.

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From the Internet, read the following: (ATTACHED)
• Hanssen, I. (2004). From human ability to ethical principle: An intercultural perspective on autonomy. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, Nursing Ethics, 7(3), 269–279.

• Saha, S., Beach, M. C., & Cooper, L. A. (2008). Patient centeredness, cultural competence and healthcare quality. Journal of the National Medical Association, 100(11), 1275–1285. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2824588/

-Includes all assignment components and meets graduate level critical thinking with exceptional depth and breath. A purpose statement is identified for the response.
-Integrates and understands assignments concepts and topics.
-Synthesizes, analyses, and evaluates resources to apply concepts in the assignment.
-Synthesizes and justifies (defends, explains, validates, confirms) information gleaned from sources to support major points presented.


cite ALL sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA7 format.
Must include intext citations and Cite a minimum of three outside peer-reviewed sources to support your assertions

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