Discuss the clinical use(s), mechanism(s) of action, efficacy

This assignment is designed to help you gain experience of writing an essay using concise,
scientific writing and correct referencing style. You are required to write an essay of 1,500 (± 10%)
words primarily based on the published scientific literature on the subject assigned to you. You
should use information from journal articles and books. A small number of reliable web sites such
as those from universities, national and international organizations may be used when the
information is not available from published sources. You are expected to include a minimum of 10
references. The word count does not include the title, subtitles, tables and figures and their titles
and the references list.

All essays must:
be written in UK Oxford English
be 1.5 line spaced
have margins not less than 2.5 cm
be typed in 12 point Arial or Times Roman (ask your personal tutor for their preference)
be formatted as a Word document with numbered pages
Word count should be given at the end of the document
Do not include a title page and table of contents and avoid elaborate layouts.

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Discuss the clinical use(s), mechanism(s) of action, efficacy
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What makes a good essay?
A good essay has a logical structure and organization (see marking criteria). Ask your personal
tutor whether they would like you to use sub-headings and other organizational methods.
Remember that you are writing to facilitate understanding on the part of the reader. Ideas should
flow clearly and coherently with appropriate use of paragraphs. The introduction should provide
some background information to place the subject of the essay into context and indicate the main
aspects to be addressed. There should be a link to the first paragraph.
The content of an essay should be relevant to the title, whether the title is expressed as a
statement or a question. Information should be substantiated with evidence mainly from journal
articles and books. When you make a point, substantiate it with explanation and evidence. You
should show some critical evaluation and interpretation of the evidence. What is the quality of the
evidence? Is the evidence weak or strong? Do other authors support the evidence or is there a
difference in research findings? Use examples where appropriate. Diagrams and tables can be
informative, but ensure that you refer to them in the text and give them consecutive figure and
table numbers. The conclusions should sum up the key points in relation to the essay title and
state general conclusions. Finish with the significance of those conclusions in terms of wider
implications such as future research, trends or policies.
Submission Deadline: essay to be submitted to Canvas to check for plagiarism and
emailed to personal tutors by midnight on 22 November 2020. Both copies should be
Feedback Date: Friday 8 January 2021

The writing should be fluent, precise and focused on the question without use of slang, personal
pronouns or conversational contractions (e.g. isn't). Grammar, spelling and punctuation should be
free of errors. Remember that you can use SASC (SEC Academic Success Centre in Sopwith
1019) to check your work before submission. Be aware that they are not a proof-reading service.
The SASC staff work with you to improve your work and increase your confidence with writing and

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