Community Corrections

For this paper, please select a topic or area of interest related to community-based corrections. Any topic addressed in either text book or in class is sufficient. For example, if you’re interested in the use of CBT with drug offenders and you want to develop an argument that it should be used more, you can use this paper to do so. One thing to keep in mind, you need to take a position in this paper, that means that you need to either develop an argument for or against something discussed. You might find that you’re against the use of electronic monitoring of DUI offenders, use this paper to develop your argument. Remember that you must use at least 10 academic sources to develop and support your position.
______/15 Introduction

_____/5 Thesis Statement: To earn all 5 points, the thesis statement must clearly state the intention of the paper.

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Community Corrections
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_____/5 Social Context: To earn all 5 points, the student must explain why the issue he/she has chosen to address is important and how it impacts society.

_____/5 Transition: To earn all 5 points, the student must provide a smooth transition into his/her discussion of the research. The student needs to provide a link between their basic argument (which is provided by the thesis statement and their discussion of the social context) and literature he or she is using to support their argument.

_____/60 Body

_____/40 Summary & Synthesis: To earn all 40 points, the student must provide a synthesized summary/discussion of the research that supports his/her argument.

_____/10 Academic Sources: To earn all 10 points, the student must include at least 10 academic sources in the body of their paper. Using appropriate resources to support their argument is important.

_____/10 Argument: To earn all 10 points, the student needs to put forth an argument, not simply provide a summary of the literature. This is a persuasive essay, therefore the student must use the literature to support his/her argument.

_____/25 Conclusion & Implications

_____/5 Summary: To earn all 5 points, the student must provide an overall summary of their argument in which he/she restates the thesis of the paper.

_____/5 Limitation: To earn all 5 points, the student will need to address any limitations present in his/her argument including weaknesses associated with the literature they have included.

_____/15 Implications: To earn all 15 points, the student must identify which correctional policies or practices need to be changed, improved or eliminated based on the argument provided.

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