Case study pay stracture

Benefits Manager
Job Summary
Plan, direct, or coordinate compensation and benefits activities of an organization (“Summary report,” 2016).  Includes providing assistance on employee benefit plans, surveying the industry and community to
determine competitive position, recommending and implementing new or modified plans, and developing cost control procedures (“Benefits,” 2016).
Essential Job Tasks
• Design, evaluate, and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive, and in compliance with legal requirements (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Fulfill all reporting requirements of all relevant government rules and regulations (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Plan, direct, and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labor relations, and employee relations (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Formulate policies, procedures, and programs for recruitment, testing, placement, classification, orientation, benefits and compensation, and labor and industrial relations (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Maintain records and compile statistical reports concerning personnel-related data such as hires, transfers, performance appraisals, and absenteeism rates (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Advise management on such matters as equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, and discrimination (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Prepare personnel forecasts to project employment needs (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization’s personnel policies and practices (“Summary report,” 2016).
Job Context
Indoor, environmentally controlled; telephone; contact with others, sitting,
• Personnel and Human Resources- Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information
   systems (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Administration and Management- Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and
   coordination of people and resources (“Summary report,” 2016).

• English language- knowledge of the structure and the content of the English language

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Case study pay stracture
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• Customer and personal service- knowledge of principels and processes for providing customer and personal service

• Mathematics


Skills, and Abilities

• Laws and Government- Knowledge of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules, and the democratic political process (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Economics and Accounting- Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking, and the analysis and reporting of financial data (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Critical Thinking- Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Judgment and Decision Making- Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Systems Analysis- Determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Systems Evaluation- Identifying measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, relative to the goals of the system (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Oral Comprehension- The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Written Expression- The ability to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Mathematical Reasoning- The ability to choose the right mathematical methods or formulas to solve a problem (“Summary report,” 2016).
• Inductive Reasoning- The ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions (“Summary report,” 2016).



  • Bachelor’s degree, with at least 5 years of experience
  • Master’s degree, with at least 5 years of experience
  • Post-baccalaureate certificate




administrative assistant, payroll assistant, operational analyst, and benefits manager jobs. Provide a rationale for assigning specific degrees to the various job


Task B

Administrative Assistant


  Degree(1,2,3,4) Weight Points
Skills (50%)      
Education level 2 25% 50
Degree of technical skills


2 25% 50
Responsibility (30%)      
Scope of control 2 15% 30
Impact of job 2 15% 30
Effort (20%)      
Degree of problem solving 2 10% 20
Task complexity 2 10% 20
Total   100% 200










Payroll assistant


  Degree(1,2,3,4) Weight Points
Skills (50%)      
Education level 3 25% 75
Degree of technical skills


3 25% 75
Responsibility (30%)      
Scope of control 2 15% 30
Impact of job 2 15% 30
Effort (20%)      
Degree of problem solving 2 10% 20
Task complexity 2 10% 20
Total     250



Operational Analyst


  Degree(1,2,3,4) Weight Points
Skills (50%)      
Education level 4 30% 120
Degree of technical skills


3 20% 60
Responsibility (30%)      
Scope of control 3 20% 60
Impact of job 4 10% 40
Effort (20%)      
Degree of problem solving 4 12% 48
Task complexity 4 8% 32
Total     360










Benefit manager


  Degree(1,2,3,4) Weight Points
Skills (50%)      
Education level 4 25% 100
Degree of technical skills


4 25% 100
Responsibility (30%)      
Scope of control 4 15% 60
Impact of job 4 15% 60
Effort (20%)      
Degree of problem solving 4


10% 40
Task complexity 4 10% 40
Total     400





Task C

Front Desk Receptionist


Company # of job incumbents Base pay
A 1 $ 21.000
B 2 $22.000
C 1 $ 18.000
D 2 $21.000
E 2 $18,500
F 1 $17,500
Weighted Mean   $19,944.44












Administrative Assistant



Company # of job incumbents Base pay
A 4 $ 25.000
B 4 $ 31.000
C 3 $ 30.000
D 5 $ 33.000
E 4 $ 29.000
F 4 $ 28.000
Weighted Mean   $ 29,458.33

Operation Analyst





Company # of job incumbents Base pay
A 2 $ 55.000
B 4 $57.000
C 3 $56.000
D 5 $58.500
E 3 $59.000
F 3 $54.000
Weighted Mean   $ 56,875.00


Payroll Assistant

Company # of job incumbents Base pay
A 2 $35.000
B 3 $34.000
C 1 $35.000
D 3 $35.000
E 2 $36.000
F 2 $29.000
Weighted Mean   $ 34.0000










Benefits Manager

Company # of job incumbents Base pay
A 1 $62.000
B 2 $61,5000
C 1 $60.000
D 3 $64.000
E 2 $63.000
F 1 $66.000
Weighted Mean   $62,900



Task G


Job Position Job evaluation Point Weighted Average Predicted Base Pay Adjusted Pay Rate
Front Desk Receptionist 120 $19,944.44 $17,442.75 $17966.03
Administrative Assistant 200 $29,458.33 $301,150.75 31,055.27
Payroll Assistant 250 $34000.000 $38093.25 $39236.05
Operational Analyst 360 $ 56,875.00 $ 55,566.75 $ 57,233.75
Benefits Manager 400 $62,900.00 $61920.75 $ 63,778.37


*Formula: 158.85x( Job evaluation point)- 1619.25


Task H


Pay grade I:

Front desk receptionist

Pay grade II:

Administrative assistant and Payroll Assistant

Pay grade III:

Operational analyst and benefit manager



Pay grade I:

This job requires least education and technical skills compare to other positions. Also, the amount of responsibilities its required is less than other positions




Pay grade II:

The payroll assistant requires a higher educational degree than administrative assistant. But both jobs require the same level of responsibility. Additionally, degree of problem solving, and task complexity is the same.


Pay grade III:

Both job positions require highest education degree and require decent amount of technical skills. They have a lot of responsibilities. The degree of task complexity and problem solving is also higher


Task I

Pay grade I

Adjusted Pay Rate By 3% (Mid) Predicted Base Pay Max 10% Min 10%
$17966.03 $17966.03 $19710.30 $16169.43


Pay grade II

Adjusted Pay Rate By 3% (Mid)Predicted Base Pay Max 30% Min 30%
$70,291.32 $35,145.66 $38,660.23 $31,631.94


Pay grade III

Adjusted Pay Rate by 3% (Mid) Predicted Base pay Max 30% Min 30%
$119,775.00 $60,506.06 $78,657.88 $42,354.24




Task J

Does this pay structure make good business sense? Do you think it is consistent with the organization’s business strategy?


I think this pay structure makes good business sense. Based on required education level, technical skills and problem solving, job positions are divided in justified pay grades. Employees get paid based on their abilities and their experience. Pay structure is consistent with the organization’s business strategy, based on the description of the case study the organization has created a customized technically engineering plan for the regional clients. Also, this pay structure leaves space for improvement and changes if needed.


 What are the implications of this pay structure for other HR systems, such as retention and recruiting?


This pay structure should lend well to employee retention. The pay grades are based on what the employee has to offer. The employees can see as they move up in the company they get paid for their additional efforts. Also, the company is paying 3% more than other companies in the region. This will for sure impact the recruiting. More employees will apply for the job positions and new employees are more likely to stay wit

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