Biology creative writing

Premise: It is the year 2045 and you are working on a space station outpost on Mars. The members of the outpost are falling sick in the neighboring living pods with a virus. You are the only person who has taken Biology and survived the 2020 pandemic. You are placed in charge of controlling the outbreak by designing a vaccine.

You must propose the creation of a vaccine and get it to the inhabitants on the other side of the planet who just arrived before they perish. (they have no electricity set up at this time and are isolating until your vaccine is delivered).

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Biology creative writing
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If successful, your proposal will be funded, your vaccine will be created using your strategy and your proposal here will be delivered to the far side inhabitants so they can read and understand what you have created and implement dosing/treatment/supply/marketing information to the people regarding using your vaccine.

Follow the template provided in your page


Begin your paper with an Introduction. Describe the virus (use COVID 19 as your potential virus in this case). Be sure to describe it scientifically with the important proteins and architecture of the virus. Do your research to find information about the virus itself. What viral family does it belong to, what are other viruses that are in the same family. What are the known proteins on it’s surface etc. What is known and what is not known.

(1) Vaccine strategy. Think deeply about this. You must explain your rational for what you wish to be adopted and used by the inhabitants and your rationale must be based upon science. There is a paper in the resources that explains vaccine strategies. Choose one to use and explain what it is and why you choose it.

(2) Run a BLAST using COVID 19 as your virus (as you did in your DNA Lab)【Lab link :】and make your vaccine based upon your vaccine strategy choice. Copy and paste the genomic/protein information inside your paper (see your Canvas Page “COVID19 Resources and Literature” to help in your research and the knowledge from your DNA lab on how to perform a BLAST. Here is a pdf copy of the power point to help with the BLAST as well ). Certainly, you can choose any COVID19 protein you like ( the Michigan link inside the pdf might be helpful to find a different interesting protein to target, you must show the protein is part of the virus’s DNA through the BLAST). Be sure to include what it is and its function and how you intend to use it (ie-as a target for a vaccine, as a target for a drug molecule to block etc.). You can get innovative and creative here if you wish. (Who knows, you may find a new way to target this virus!) Make sure you include your computer’s time in your screen shot to show it is your work and not an image copy.

(3) Design a your vaccine manufacturing facility. Use all the information you learned from previous videos and discussion on this topic. College level work. Must be a plan that includes interactions, protections, sterility, essentially all things surrounding vaccine manufacturing and delivery brief and concise.

(4) Marketing Content: create some form of marketing content that the supervisors on the far side can give to the inhabitants to make sure they feel comfortable taking your vaccine. Think about what you want to see in the new COVID 19 vaccine in the real world, that would make you feel comfortable taking it. You have creative freedom here you can create a poster/video/pdf page using a free Canva template/podcast style audio/webpage/Instagram story saved as a pdf page/TicTock style video…… totally up to you. You have to embed it in your document and embed it in the discussion for the week for your colleagues to view as well.

Follow the template

12 point font size. You can include 1-3 images if you choose to do so (be sure to reference where you obtained the image). Format for readability. College level detail is expected. Justifications and rationale for your choices is expected. Ultimately, you will have written a working document that will serve as a functioning plan to be sent out to all the inhabitants. Be complete in your work. Add your Marketing content to your plan (image/pdf page/audio/video etc.) This is part of your document. The marketing material will also be uploaded separately to your week’s discussion, so save the file separately for your discussion upload.

Be sure to add references when outside materials and work is used. Add a reference page to hold your references. Do not plagiarize work you did not create. Cite! Use any conventional reference style (you can not make up your own reference style). See below for links on common reference styles if you are unsure.

You will be asked to submit your document to “TurnItIn” for a plagiarism check. It will give you a report. You will lose the number of points as a percentage that it finds plagiarized in addition to having a loss of 50% of your point total. In other words, you plagiarize, you will fail. Please check your work before uploading it.

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