Artist Statement on Computer Literacy.

Artist Statement on Computer Literacy.

My body of work focuses on computer literacy. I explain the assumptions and problems surrounding it both in educational systems, and in the entire society.

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Artist Statement on Computer Literacy.
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The assumptions I have is that no single area around the globe is left behind on computerization and that those who do not master the skill of computerization are considered illiterate.

The world is evolving in terms of technology, however, the main problem experienced in implementation on computerized educational systems is that in some parts of the world, such as in developing nations, access to the facilities and resources are not readily available.(Tsai,2019).

I explain in detail the impacts of computerized educational system on the individual life and performance of a student. I also explain ICT literacy as a related concept of computer literacy and the role it plays in education system. The level of literacy advancement differs depending on the grade of the student, therefore continuous assessment of performance is relevant at each grade.(Makhmudov,2010).

I recommend that equal resources and facilities be made available in schools and the educational curriculum be improved in order to realize a complete transition in computer literacy.






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