you should prepare an annotated bibliography entry for each reading assigned (one annotated bibliography entry per author/source). These annotations should have a properly formatted bibliographical citation for the source and summarize the reading’s major points (see syllabus for an example). The material to read for these annotations are either your textbooks or are attached as pdf files to the course module.

annotation for the fosha, voss,sunseris

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Example:Little, Barbara J. 2009. What Can Archaeology Do for Justice, Peace, Community, and the Earth? Historical Archaeology 43(4):115-119. This is a summary of the current directions and trends in historical archaeology, focusing on the period since 1982. Little assesses the field’s role of to supplement, correct, or challenge historical records by reconceptualizing history and providing alternative questions and interpretations from history and providing data and perspectives that elaborate biases and politics of knowledge (based on oral history). Analytical links between text, oral history, and materials intertwines history and anthropology. Its role is also as historical ethnography to reconstruct past cultures and lifeways. Historical archaeology as a laboratory for general archaeological science or anthropological inquiry is discussed, but it seems that the field often acts more as a confirmation of models rather than a real laboratory of broader investigation. Historical archaeology obviously meets the goals of postprocessualism (meaning, symbols, power, cognition). Five approaches to the combination of documentary/textual evidence and material data are listed. Methods of pattern recognition commonly used include South’s functionally defined artifact categories and Miller’s economic-scaling index of ceramics.

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