Annotated Bibliography Project

Please read throughly and follow through the instructions that I’ve listed as well as the FILE I’ve attached (you will find everything you need there). NO PLAGIARISM.

IMPORTANT: Although this annotated bibliography needs to be in APA format, the spacing should remain single-spaced.

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Annotated Bibliography Project
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• Topic of Choice: Human-animal relationships in Mesoamerican societies

• Your annotated bibliography must address a research question within Mesoamerican Archaeology. For example, if you were to choose a question related to “Mesoamerican religious practices”. You could choose to focus on a specific question such as “How did people bury their ancestors in a particular area/time in Mesoamerica?”, “What role did Maya temples play in ritual practices?”, “What role did religion play in Mesoamerican political life?” etc.

• The most important parts of this project are finding research sources and making sure that the articles you choose to annotate address your research question. It is important to make sure that articles you use are directly relevant to your research question and not general information vaguely related to your topic in Mesoamerican archaeology.

• For the purpose of this project, you will be using Google Scholar as your resource. Google Scholar allows you to search for references and citations by key words. You can obtain articles and book chapters through Google Scholar.

• Encyclopedias, book reviews, generic websites and popular magazines such as Smithsonian and National Geographic are not peer-reviewed sources.

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