Will Jig, in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Hills Like White Elephants,”

Using MLA documentation (in-text parenthetical reference and Works Cited page), papers must have at least one direct quote from the primary source (short story) and one paraphrase or summary from a secondary source (criticism).

Remember: You must cite a source in your paper before you list it on the Works Cited page. Reference every direct quote and paraphrase. There are no “right” answers, but you must support your critical perspective with a quote from the primary source (the original short story) and demonstrate the exploration of secondary sources (criticism) with a paraphrase. Use present tense to discuss literature (it is alive!). *Write in third person (no second person—you—or first—I . . . your name is on the top of the paper so I already know it is your perspective). *You should look at more than one article in a database (and browse more than one database) to see how critics write about literature.

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Will Jig, in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Hills Like White Elephants,”
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Please avoid citing .com sites such as Shmoop (it is not a university, no matter how it tells you to cite it!) or Wikipedia. (Of course, if you quote the site you will cite it.)

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