Wildcat Den (Shark Tank) Introduction

Week 1 Wildcat Den (Shark Tank) Introduction

To ensure that you are well prepared to begin your DNP Projects in DNP 8000: DNP Project I, you will participate in the Wildcat Den (Shark Tank) during Week 5.

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Wildcat Den (Shark Tank) Introduction
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During Week 5, you will utilize PowerPoint and Kaltura to present your DNP Project to the DNP faculty. You will receive feedback related to your proposed project to determine whether or not it is feasible. The presentation should not more than 5 minutes.

Due to relying on other faculty volunteering their time to provide input – please understand that this assignment cannot be accepted late. If you do not meet this deadline you will not have the benefit of the other faculty feedback.


Location plan to use for the project: Mental Health and Addiction Outpatient Clinic.

Note: the feedback that you receive in the Wildcat Den is not the final approval for your projects … you will continue to refine your DNP Projects in DNP 8000.

To plan ahead, you will be presenting answers to the following questions:

1. What is your PICOT question?

Scholarly Project Topic:

Among African American adult diagnosed with depressive symptoms, how does implementing of an exercise program reduce depressive symptoms compared to the absence of an exercise program by use of telephone app reminder in 10 minutes daily within a period of six weeks.

P: ?

I: ?

C: ?

O: ?

T: ?


2. What will your intervention be? (Remember, it must be based on the evidence!)

3. What will be your comparison? Current practice? (you need baseline/benchmark data!)

4. What evidence supports your intervention?

5. How can your project be sustained after it is completed?

6. Do you have organizational support?

7. How will you evaluate your intervention/clinical practice change?

You will also be submitting the attached HSRC DNP Questionnaire to ensure that your DNP project is an evidence-based practice project, not a research study. Research studies are NOT permitted as they are not aligned with the intent of the DNP degree to translate evidence to practice.


· HSRCDNPQuestionnaire.docx


Location plan to use for the project: Mental Health and Addiction Outpatient Clinic.

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