Video review

answer this questions
Nearly 80% of the detainees on Rikers Island have NOT been convicted of a crime. Over half of the detainees cannot afford bail. How does poverty impact incarceration?

What percent of detainees are diagnosed with a mental illness? How are individuals who have a mental illness treated at Rikers?

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Video review
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What does “holding it down” mean?

Do you think Cathy Morris should have been remanded to Rikers Island (DOCUMENTARY TIME AROUND 18:11)?

How does Rikers promote violence – give TWO examples.

Who are the Latin Kings? AND What does BLOOD stand for?

How are the COs (correctional officers) also “doing time?”

How is Rikers Island a multimillion-dollar business?

Give some details about what solitary confinement is like.

Jail is supposed to be for no more than one year, yet some people are spending 4+ years in jail – how can this be?

What are some of the struggles recently released individuals are facing in the community?
answers need to be from the video at the bottom

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