Use and Abuse

Case Study #4: Use and Abuse

You work in a wealthy, suburban, orthopedic surgeon’s office. The community news has reported about the growing problem of heroin abuse among high school students. Over the last several years, three current or former high school football players have died of heroin overdoses. All of those students were given prescription opioids following orthopedic surgery. A 16 year old high school football player has undergone surgery to repair a torn meniscus, ACL, and joint effusion. He continues to complain of pain on his 2 week surgical appointment and the physician gives him another prescription for 80 Percocet. You are concerned about addiction.

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Use and Abuse
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Initial Post (Due Wednesday, 2359)

Address the following for this week in your initial post.

  1. What ethical, legal, moral, social, health, cultural, and community implications apply to this scenario?
  2. How do these implications frame the scenario, provide direction for understanding, and a plan of action?
  3. Describe potential outcomes for the case study and the implications of various actions.
  4. If you were the epidemiologist, researcher, or public health official in this scenario, propose a resolution that could be considered for the situation you selected.
  5. Include at least one reference/resource from your course materials and at least one additional source besides your texts and readings that is a peer reviewed scholarly article within the last 5 years.


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