The Evolution of the Role of the Human Resource Manager


This project provides an opportunity to apply the framework for Legal and Ethical practices for a Human Resource Manager to a scenario-based case. The project examines how Human Resource Managers help an organization meet their goals and objectives by applying Legal and Ethical foundations to a specific application. In each module, you complete a component of the project that ultimately provides you with an opportunity to make recommendations to the organization regarding their goals and objectives.

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The Evolution of the Role of the Human Resource Manager
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ACME Company, Inc.

ACME Company, Inc. is a medium-sized company in the cosmetic industry and is based in Arizona. The company originally began in 1992 by a brother and sister team, Paul and Mary. Ten years later, Paul and Mary incorporated the company and went public. They hired new executive leadership so Paul could focus on innovation and Mary could focus on being the Human Resource Manager. Since that time, they have grown from a small business to a medium-sized company with 750 employees. Paul and Mary started the company with strong family values, such as working together as one team, looking after each other, and valuing each individual employee. By 2015, they noticed some of those values “slipping” as new executive leadership has come on board to help run the company.
ACME Company, Inc. is facing a major decision – to move into the 21st Century or maintain the status quo. Paul and Mary started the company with family values but have a desire to innovate and grow. Mary became the HRM when they incorporated and Paul became head of Research & Development. The new executive leadership does not share their same values, and, is questioning the need for a budget for Research & Development since the company is already so successful and a major market leader. Paul and Mary, though, want to continue to be innovative and grow.

Using the information provided for ACME Company, Inc., your readings, and your own external research, you complete various project assignments and make recommendations to Paul, Mary, and the executive leadership.



For this project assignment on ACME Company, Inc. consider the following concepts:

The issues facing Mary, from the perspective of an HRM in the 21st Century.
The challenges associated with the leadership roles and functions of the traditional company versus the modern company.
The challenges associated with the organization’s goals and objectives, from an HRM perspective.

Write a minimum of two pages summarizing the challenges that ACME Company, Inc. faces from the perspective of an HRM in the 21st Century and your recommendations for Mary (and Paul). Consider the following questions:

What should the HRM’s role be in this company?
How does Mary handle the contradictory goals of leadership versus hers (and Paul’s)?
Where should she focus her efforts?
How can Mary ensure ACME Company, Inc. reaches its goals and objectives to survive in the 21st Century?

Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page for sources that you may have used for your research. Remember to follow APA guidelines for citing sources in-text when paraphrasing or quoting information.

Module 01 Course Project – The Evolution of the Role of the Human Resource Manager

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