Social Cultural Event During 2020 COVID

***3-4 sources needed, USE SOUCES INCLUDED IN THE ATTACHMENTS and then use extra sources to describe the event***

Select ONE (1) SOCIAL/CULTURAL EVENT during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic (racial disparities during the pandemic, presidential election, hurricane season, wildfires, anti-police brutality protests, stay-at-home orders, lock-down protests, economic recession, police violence, the federal stimulus package, etc.). Write about a specific occurrence that you found particularly compelling during this time.

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Social Cultural Event During 2020 COVID
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a. Provide brief background information concerning the object or topic of your analysis. If the paper is analyzing an event, make sure to cite all external sources used to provide the brief description about it. b. Analyze your object or topic using MAJOR concepts and arguments of TWO or THREE readings attached. Chosen readings do not have to come from the same theme.


Keep in mind that the objective of this paper is not simply to summarize your topic. Instead you are to put it in conversation with the ideas, concepts, histories, and arguments introduced in readings, lectures, and section discussions. Your analysis should be much longer than the background information provided about the artifact or the event.


Clearly stated thesis.

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