Research Paper Analysis

This assignment is to read 4 research paper which I will provide you with and answer the questions which will show that you understand what has been written in those paper.

The 4 papers can be found here

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Research Paper Analysis
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For every paper, you have to answer the following question in this word document. So, I don’t need full article just read the those papers and answer the questions. I will list questions below

1. Main Area and theme of the paper (Introduction)

o What is the area? – 1-2 sentence (Answer this alone and paste the answer below it like the pic shown)
o Why it is important? 1-2 sentence
o How the problem is solved in this paper? 3-4 sentence
o What is the main contribution? 1-2 sentences

2. Summary of previous work (Literature Review) – 1 – 2 paragraphs

3. Methods and Contribution (Methodology)

o Data collection (if applicable) – 1 paragraph
o Data source or datasets (if applicable) – 1 paragraph
o Research methodology – 1 – 2 paragraphs
o Main outcomes of the paper – 1- 2 paragraphs
o Describe new proposed technique (s) (if any) – 1 – 2 paragraphs
o Upload important 1- 2 pictures (if needed) to any of the above sections. 2 fields.

4. Discussion and Future Work (Discussion, Analysis, and Conclusions and future work)

o Limitation(s) identified by the authors, if any – 1 paragraph
o Missing points (future work) identified by the author(s) – 1 paragraph
o Missing points (future work) identified by the student – 1 paragraph

5. Other comments you think are important to cover.

Please, check the word template along with the video to understand the requirements.

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