Real Conflict Situation

First Individual Assignment (25%)
• You have to submit One individual assignment of not more than 1,200 words to analyze as a case scenario—–Think of a real conflict situation (interpersonal, local, or community) you have experienced, in which someone played an informal third party role. Briefly describe the situation and the role played by the third party. Analyze concisely the effect the third party had on the situation, speculating on the outcome that would have prevailed otherwise. Include an analysis of each party’s approach to negotiation. What approach did the third party take? The writing of the assignment should demonstrate your understanding of the related theories, methods, processes, etc. you have learned from the class. It also has to show your creative thinking or viewpoints about the topic.
• Your assignment must be in accordance with APA format. The structure must contain Introduction, Methodology, Analysis, Findings and Conclusion or Suggestions. Please avoid using commentary style. High marks will be given to those with good structure, arguments and analytical contents.

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Real Conflict Situation
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