Human Resources and the Legal and Regulatory Context



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Human Resources and the Legal and Regulatory Context
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Research Paper: Part 1 – Thesis, Abstract and Outline Instructions

You will identify a problem within the field of human resource management in today’s public administration to write on for the final assignment. In this assignment, you will submit a thesis, abstract, and an outline for the final paper (Research Paper 3) detailing the problem and the background on the issue.

You will ensure the assignment includes a biblical worldview presentation. The assignment should be a minimum of 4 double-spaced pages in length, not including the title page and references page. Assignment should be submitted using proper APA formatting. Students should incorporate a minimum of one classroom reading into this assignment.


Research Paper: Part 2 – Annotated Bibliography Instructions

. In support of the final project, the student will submit an Annotated Bibliography of at least 15 references, written in the last five years, (in current APA format to include a title page and citations) that he or she plans on using for the research. Each annotation must be at least 200 words and succinctly surmise, analyze and assess each annotation. Allow approximately 65 words for the surmise, 65 words for the analysis, and 65 words for each assessment. Each reference must include a summary, analysis, and assessment. This paper must be a minimum of 12 double-spaced pages of content, not counting title page, abstract, or references.


Research Paper: Part 3 – Final Paper Instructions

Building upon the work in Research Paper Part 1 and Research Paper Part 2. The paper must include an introduction, background on the issue, detailed presentation of the importance of the issue, discussion of possible solutions, and a recommendation for the solution. The paper must integrate key legal court cases or regulations related to this issue, ethical considerations and lastly, integrate a biblical worldview into not only the issue, but also the recommendations for the solution. The paper must be 14 double-spaced pages of content, not counting title page, abstract, or references, and include a minimum of 15 scholarly resources and two classroom readings to support the student’s work.


The New Public Personnel Administration 7th Edition

by Lloyd G. Nigro (Author), Felix A. Nigro (Author), J. Edward Kellough (Author)

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