History short paper

Each short paper should be between 800-1,000 words, double-spaced, indented paragraph style with numbered pages and a title page. The writing style-guide of the history profession is the Chicago Manual of Style.

Choose ONE of the following two topics:

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History short paper
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Describe the relationship between the federal government and the state, as well as individual industries (be specific) in Arizona in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Be sure to cite specific examples of programs, their goals, and their impact. Include water projects (chapter 11) in your discussion. In hindsight, how successful do you think this collaboration has been? What do you think was the net impact on individual Arizonans as a result of these programs?

How did World War II impact Arizona sociologically, economically, and politically? How were Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, and Mexican-Americans, and women treated before and after the War? What role did labor play in worker and minority rights? How did ethnic tensions influence developments?


Note: I need at least 2 sources other than quotes from (chapter 11 for prompt 1).

For citation from chapter 11, just put the page number of the quotes. For outside citations I need the citation as a footnote. you can use more than one citation from each source.

Please put the quotes in ” quotation marks”.

I need a title page

Thesis statement is very important.

The class is HIS147 (History of Arizona)

If you have any questions please let me know.

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