Draft Table of Evidence

Week 4 Draft Table of Evidence

Submit a draft table of evidence utilizing the attached Individual Evidence Tool. Your draft should include at least 5 articles within 5 years that relates to your project topic. You will continue adding to this table throughout the remaining weeks and submit a final draft during week 7.

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Draft Table of Evidence
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It is important that you diligently review the evidence on a regular basis so that you are adequately prepared to begin your DNP project next semester.

Creating a table of evidence will be invaluable as you complete your DNP project. You will be able to identify gaps in the literature while synthesizing the evidence to determine the need for practice change.

Attach a reference list with full citations of articles reviewed for this EBP question.

· JHEBP_Individual Evidence Tool.pdf

· JHEBP_Individual Evidence Tool.docx

The feedback you get on your draft, while ungraded, is critical to review for your success on the graded assignment in Week 7.


PICOT Question

Among African American adult diagnosed with depressive symptoms, how does implementing of an exercise program reduce depressive symptoms compared to the absence of an exercise program by use of telephone app reminder in 10 minutes daily within a period of six weeks.

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