Course Project Assignment 4: Informal Proposal

Please make sure you are writing in APA which is third person and that you look at the rubrics as well to ensure you receive full points. The website for APA if you are familiar is (Links to an external site.).


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Course Project Assignment 4: Informal Proposal
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Your middle management decision-maker wants higher management decision-makers to review your project. Write an informal proposal to a higher management official who your decision-maker reports to. The higher-manager should not be the CEO (If your decision maker is the highest administrator, create a fictitious one). Your informal proposal should use the criteria outlined in Chapter 10 of your text. Note the text in the margins of the example in Figure 10.2 (pages 289-290)

Remember that this manager is unfamiliar with your idea. Be sure to incorporate changes and feedback from previous weeks’ assignments. In the interim, revise your survey questions and prepare to conduct your research next week.

Follow this outline

Background, Problem, and Purpose
Explain the problem or opportunity,
Describe the effect it has or could have on the workplace,
Benefit to the Customer and Company
Demonstrate how it will benefit the customer or end-user, whether directly or indirectly, and ultimately profits and/or revenue.
Proposal, Plan, and Schedule including
Research objectives
Overview of your approach to the survey
Analysis of specific facts you hope to obtain
Analysis of the responses and data you think the survey will show
Staffing (what time and human resources will be needed)
Budget (estimate of costs and explanation– consider the time, man hours, etc for the research and if the manager wants to move forward with the proposal following the formal report what estimated costs would be for the topic or opportunity).
Authorization Request – Closing Statements should motivate action and include:
Request for approval to move forward with research
Summary of key benefits
Writing Requirements

APA format
Minimum 1-2 pages in length
Research-based assignment. Cite sources both intext and in a reference section. See example of how to write a research-based assignment in Module 1.

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