Abiotic Issues and IPM Techniques

Referencing the 3-5 crops you chose in the Module 1 assignment,
my choice in module 1 are garlic, lettuce, carrots, and turnips.
based on where you planted those crops (reference your schematic/diagram), answer the following questions:
What are the potential abiotic issues associated with each of these crops?
How would you mitigate these issues using IPM techniques? Think about (including but not limited to):
Time of harvest
When and how much water to use
Shade/sun requirements
Nutrient deficiencies/toxicities
Use Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application to complete this assignment. Prepare this document using APA format and Times New Roman, 12-point font. The document should have 1″ margins. Be sure to cite any references you used to obtain your information.
ill upload my module 1 assignment to you


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Abiotic Issues and IPM Techniques
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