Write a 4 page reflection paper on how you have learned about sexuality

Write a personal reflection paper that addresses variables in your own life like religion, gender, formal education, media/popular culture, and race, and tell how they have influenced your own sexual development, your concept of gender roles, and your relationships. Questions to start your reflections might include: Who and what were the most important childhood influences for your sexual development (e.g., parents, brothers and sisters, peers, media, religion, etc.)? Has it made a difference that you were female or male, the oldest, middle or youngest child in your family? Is your race/ethnicity a factor in how people relate to your sexuality? Has this brought any special rewards or strains? What messages about sex did you get from your faith community? Did your school teach sex education? If so, was it helpful? What messages/stereotypes from the media have had an impact on how you view yourself as a sexual being? Do you consider yourself a conformist, optimist, skeptic, liberal, conservative, or anything else?

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Write a 4 page reflection paper on how you have learned about sexuality
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