Instructions: Locate and evaluate eight sources for a chosen topic using only the UCBA Library and OhioLink. You will choose a narrow/debatable topic that must first be approved by the instructor. For full credit, you must have a specific number of academic and popular sources as well as two books (all from a specific time period). Your evaluation of these sources will involve MLA citations, summarizing while quoting, detecting source argument and audience, comparing and contrasting, articulating source preferences, and contributing your own argument. The paper itself will have nine parts (detailed on the next page of this handout). This is not a traditional research essay, but you will be using complete sentences and paragraphs. Think of this as an assignment ABOUT finding and evaluating sources, and not as a traditional research essay that tries to prove an argument. Your audience for this assignment will be your instructor and classmates.

EIGHT Sources: All of the following sources must be published between 2012-2019 and the authors must have some kind of detectable standpoint or argument. Your academic journal articles must be longer than two pages.

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3 academic (peer reviewed) journal articles from a UCBA Library database

3 popular articles from a UCBA Library database

1 book (print or digital) from the UC Library

1 book (print or digital) from an OhioLink affiliated library (Find this as soon as possible to allow for delivery time)

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