The cultural significance of Anansi the Spider

1). Research and make an argument on the meaning or cultural significance of a monster. Take a stand on the monster’s meaning for the culture it is a product of.

In each case you will be required to state a specific claim about this subject and to provide reasons and grounds that coherently support that claim. You will have to find strong grounds that are related to the research you have done. All of your research will be evaluated using the STAR criteria and I will be paying attention to your usages of logos, ethos, and pathos. Furthermore you will have several important research requirements for this paper:  You must utilize at least five relevant sources for this paper. o At least two of those sources must be articles from a peer reviewed journal. o At least one of those sources must be from a scholarly book this can be either a print book or an ebook.  If you are having difficulty finding a scholarly book about your topic, please contact me and we’ll see what we can do.  Your sources must be cited in accordance with MLA format. o This means that you must have proper parenthetical citations in the body of the paper. o You must also have a properly formatted Works Cited page. Note: your Works Cited page does not count towards your final page count.

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The cultural significance of Anansi the Spider
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You will be required to submit a thesis and your five sources (properly cited) by 10/28. I will provide an example of what this should look like and a rubric for how this will be evaluated. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop your skills at researching using the major research materials in your intended field. It is also intended to develop and demonstrate your ability to incorporate research into an argument. Audience: For this paper I want you to think about your audience as an academic audience with an interest in the subject matter. You will want to pay attention to the tone and the language you use to make sure it is appropriate for this audience.


I have added some of the research files I have found. There is no book there that I have used yet. The experiment three folder is the instructions folder.

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