Scientific Inquiry

Part 2:

Write a FACT (using the technique we have practiced in class to include the outcome, context, and

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Scientific Inquiry
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sample) for each of the three articles. Upload one Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) to Canvas (in Hypothesis

Assignment Part 2) with a list of your FACTS; each should be listed as firstauthorlastname, year of publication.

For example, the first fact might be titled “Marshall, 2015” followed by the 1-2 sentence FACT. Failure to

submit in a readable file will result in a 10% deduction from your Part 2 grade.


Part 3

: The next part of this assignment requires you to begin to analyze your research articles as a group

rather than just individually. You will identify similarities and differences in the methods and conclusions of

different articles written about a common research topic so that you can understand what is known and

unknown related to your topic. Using the three (if working alone) PDF articles that you submitted in Part 1, fill

out the summary table for each of your FACTS. You will also analyze the similarities and differences among the

3 articles to fill out the bottom three rows of the table. Save the excel file as yourlastname_litreviewtable and

upload to Canvas (in Hypothesis Assignment Part 3). The two spaces on the table in yellow do not need to be

filled out, but all other cells require a response to receive full credit. An example of a filled in lit review table

and blank table for you to fill out are posted to Canvas. Failure to submit in a readable file will result in a 10%

deduction from your Part 3 grade.

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