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Semester Project


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Private Security
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The submission link can be found in the semester project module at the bottom of the page after the week 15 module.


You have been recently hired as the new Chief Security Office at BOOGLE, a technology firm specializing in data analytics and social media. Your boss, the CEO, is new to the industry and has absolutely no security experience or knowledge of these aspects of the job. She will rely on you to provide enough detail to make an informed decision.


Your Boss, the CEO, wants to do away with the somewhat costly employee background investigation as she feels that she and her executives should know a good person from a bad person. She wants your opinion about this. She also asks what the industry standard elements of a basic pre-employment background investigation are.

Please describe the reasons why this would be a good or bad idea.


Please describe the standard information that should be on a pre-employment background check. Please describe which parts that you would be willing to do without and why, be very detailed.


On your second day on the job you have been instructed to have one of your security managers investigate a complaint of sexual harassment. Describe the steps you would direct your manager to take to investigate the allegation of sexual harassment, be specific and provide enough detail so your boss understands.

By the end of your first week your Boss the CEO has also tasked you coming up with a plan to deal with workplace and domestic violence on company grounds.


Discuss some of the methods you would use to deal with the problem of workplace violence. Please be sure to provide enough details to effectively describe these methods to your boss who has no previous knowledge or understanding of the issues.


Discuss some methods that you would use to deal with issues of domestic violence. Please be sure to provide enough details to effectively describe these methods to your boss who has no previous knowledge or understanding of the issues.


You are required to read and utilize the E-Text and any reliable sources to provide information to support your written work.

To facilitate this, you are required to only use the E-Text course Required Resources or sources available through theBerkeley College Library (See Links).

You are required to properly cite all work in APA and must have a minimum of 3 primary sources and the E-Text. The Berkeley College Library provides great resources on how to do this (See Links).

The paper shall be a minimum of 5-6 full pages( a minimum of 1500 words) of your own work, not counting the cover page, works cited page, etc.

Any quoted material that exceeds 10% of the entire document will not be counted towards word or page counts.

For each half page short of this requirement 5 points shall be deducted from the overall paper grade.

The intent of the assignment is not to simply provide a short answer for these questions but to provide full details with support.

The assignment is due no later than 11:59 Friday of week 13.

This assignment should be completed in 3 parts:

1. Research

2.Writing the paper

3. Editing the paper.

Each part should be afforded sufficient time to complete the task.

It is recommended that at least 3 hours be spent on each.

Any indications of significant cutting and pasting without full APA citation will result in a 0 being awarded for the grade and potential referral to the academic integrity database for investigation.

Late papers, if expressly authorized by the professor, will be penalized exponentially every 12 hours starting with ten points.

I am including the Berkeley College policy on academic integrity (See Link). (Links to an external site.)

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