Peer review

read the article and review each file on separate paper therefore one page =one article, they are two article to review.
below is the assignment details:
Reviews should provide an overview of the topic of each manuscript, and a list of any questions or clarifications that you feel are important to improve the paper. You may also include editorial suggestions for such items as misspellings and grammar. At the bottom of your review, you should recommend one of the following options:

1. Accept: The manuscript is suitable for publication as is with little to no typo corrections. All content is readily understandable and complete.

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Peer review
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2. Minor Revision: The manuscript has a few flaws or areas that need to be addressed or clarified. Content is generally understandable.

3. Major Revision: The manuscript has solid points in its favor, but there are several areas within it that need to be rewritten for clarification or to be included. The overview is understandable, but the reviewer is left with serious questions as to the details.

4. Reject: The manuscript is unsuitable in its current form. There are several areas that need to be rewritten or are missing wholesale, or aspects of the paper that are just wrong. The manuscript may also fail to meet miminum publishing standards (too few references, too few pages, no internal organization).

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