Miss Representation

General Instructions: Answer questions in a thoughtful, clear, and complete manner by writing several full sentences and including specific examples in your responses. You are encouraged to make connections to previous assignments, other courses, and your own life experience. Please use the same numbering system and include the questions in your document.

Do not use direct quotations. It is essential that you learn to paraphrase or summarize. You will be expected to use MLA in-text citations and Works Cited at the end of each assignment for the primary source article and any other articles or websites you used to develop your response. Italicize works of art, just as you would like books and film.

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Miss Representation
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.Assignment Instructions: Watch Miss Representation. Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Kimberlee Acquaro, 2012. Respond to the questions below.

Questions to consider and respond to:

How do the media influence our culture? What are the messages for females compared to males?
How do the media shape our beliefs about ourselves and with regards to others?
What can be done to confront the potentially negative messaging?
How does the film challenge the portrayals of women and girls?
What did you find most interesting, thought provoking etc. about the documentary?

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