Marketing Plan for starting a Boba Milk Tea Shop at CSUDH

Create a marketing plan for my boba company called: Berry Boba.

Attached is the paper guidelines:

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Marketing Plan for starting a Boba Milk Tea Shop at CSUDH
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In this project, you will write a marketing plan for starting a Boba milk tea shop on CSUDH campus.
My company name is: Berry Boba

Business Settings:
Business: A new retail business selling Boba tea products/services
Location: CSUDH campus
Budget: up to $50,000 (This is important!)

Key Components required in the Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
Mission Statement/Business Objective
Situation Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Market Segmentation and Target Market
Positioning Strategies
Marketing Mix
i. Product Strategy
ii. Pricing Strategy
iii. Promotion Strategy
iv. Distribution Strategy
Action Plan (that is, how each component of the marketing plan will be carried chronically).
(optional) Monthly Profit and Loss Projection for the first 12 months
Other Critical Issues

Format Requirement
Minimum Page Limit: 5 full pages (title page does not count).
Ariel or Times New Roman Font, Size 12.
Single space, using 1″ margins, all around.

Criteria for Assignment Performance
1. Following the required format: 10%
2. Professional, well organized and easy to read: 10%
3. Addressing all key components with enough information: 60%
4. Pragmatic and actionable in real world 15%
5. Interesting and Creative 5%

The paper should be submitted to the team forum at the discussion section under the same team thread you created for your team.
The submission deadline is 11:00 pm, 11/3/2020
There are lots of online resources on how to make Boba tea as well as Boba tea equipment and supplies.
There are lots of templates/examples on the Internet regarding business plan and marketing plan. You’re encouraged to review and use them as your template. However, you need to include all the “key components” required in this project guideline. Furthermore, you need to elaborate each plan component with specifics and details that are compatible to the business settings.

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