Interagency working

It is,a paper based on interagency working. I need to choose tge elderly. Im adult nursing. There is a,word document with references you must use. It is kind of research essay based on qualutstive qusntitave systematic review articles you can use the other file from references in portrait style . I need ti be critical. Analitic too. You need to use policíes, legislation, scottish organisations. Public body act 2014 very important for introduction. In the introduction use references that appear under health and social care integration in my word document. Updated

Read carefully mstetial file and picture with question

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Interagency working
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Fir the main body remember we work on elderly the adult protection Scotland, human rights act… it is important…
Please get bck to me because maybe I didn’t explain propetly. Im dyslexic so im having difficulties..

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