History 1302 essay question.

Answer only 1 of 3 questions.

1) The United States hoped to stay out of World War 1 but ultimately could not. What caused the US to become involved in the war? We discussed four specific reasons that led to US involvement, particularly on the allied side, but we also discussed two specific incidents that pushed us closer to war. You should discuss all of these in detail.

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History 1302 essay question.
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2) The Great Depression, like all economic downturns, had multiple causes. We talked about six specific reasons for the depression. Name these causes and provide specific information for each one.

3) To combat the Great Depression, FDR used new economic policies. Where did he get his economic ideas? What were the goals of his program? Name some of the most important new government agencies that were created and what they were created to do. What were the results of this new program? In your opinion, did it work or not?

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