Hills like white elephants

On one hand…On the other
To answer a “On one hand…On the other” prompt, write a two-paragraph essay. In the first paragraph, use details from the story to support one way of interpreting the story; in the second paragraph, support another way of interpreting the story.
In “Hills Like White Elephants,” does the girl, Jig, get an abortion? Write an exploratory essay which you considers in one paragraph why she may and in another paragraph why she may not. To do this draw inferences from the limited information the story provides. For instance, what is the significance of the scenery? On one side, dry and barren; on the other, green and fertile. A track divides the scene where the couple is debating their either/or question. Who controls the conversation? A close analysis of their conversation ma—or may not–reveal that Jig has more self-esteem and personal power than the man, even though he does seem to bully her.
If the Turnitin originality report finds in your submission a match to an internet source other than the short story itself, you will get a zero.

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Hills like white elephants
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