Drug Abusers in New York City.

PowerPoint Presentation

Video record your presentation for 5-6 minutes, no more than 6 minutes and no less than 5. You will be timed.
PowerPoint slides should be 6-8 slides. Use the template that I have provided to you.
Use size 15-30 fonts and bullet points. Make sure your fonts are clear and easy to read.
Grading includes clarity, proper language, engage audience, eye contact, and timing.
Grading includes clarity and proper grammar.
Refer to Presentation Rubics for grading requirements.

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Drug Abusers in New York City.
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Introduction Slide

Remember to include a cover page which has your name, research title, name of class, and date the assignment is due, and picture of the vulnerable group.



The picture does not have to be picture that you have taken. You can google a picture.


Why did you choose this group?

Why did you choose this group who live in this location?
Why is this group considered vulnerable?
What is the culture of the group, such as what is their country of origin, beliefs, habits, language, philosophy, etc.?
Why are the people in this group in America? Provide some history.


Demographics (Data, Statistics)

Use demographics by adding statistics, percentages, and other numbers.
Who is eligible?
Use demographics by adding statistics, percentages, and other numbers. Include 4 visual aids (pictures, graphs, charts, table, etc.)
Approximately, how many people are in this group compared to the overall population?
Approximately, how many people are in this group and/or subgroup?
Include group’s sex, social status, economic status, education, salaries, etc.
What jobs/careers does your group normally hold?
What is the salary range and average salary of this group?
Explain the socioeconomic factors of this group
What are the 3 major health issues of this group?


Support Systems

What are 3 of their hardships? How do the hardships affect their health?
How much support does this group have from family, friends, faith-based organization, community organization, etc.
Explain why this group and in this particular location vulnerable. Will this group be considered a vulnerable group if they lived in another location? (Give 5-8 examples)
Which type of health insurance (Private, Medicaid, Medicare, none) does this group use, if they have health insurance?
Did the Affordable Care Act affect this group? If so, how?
What benefits are they eligible for? Explain.
What are the types of resources and services that can be received from professional services, programs, and organizations? What will it take to get this population to use the resources and services they need?
Name and explain the type of services they are.
Does this population use these resources and services? If so, which ones?
If they do not have resources and services, what do they need?
What are the barriers that they are experiencing?



You will create an intervention that you believe will help this group. Be as specific as possible about your intervention.
Without intervention, what can happen to this group?
If they do not have resources, services, and interventions, what do they need?
How will proper intervention affect this group?
How many people and what is percentage of people from this group can be helped through intervention? Remember to write both the number and percentage. For example, “There are 25/30 (83.33%) female and 5/30 (16.67%) male students in the U.S. Health Systems class.”
List and provide examples of 2 interventions and break each intervention into 3 parts (short, medium, and long). Explain if these interventions how your group will be affected each of the 2 interventions in the short, medium, and long terms. Remember to answer it in all 3 parts.Do you think proper intervention is possible or effective? Explain why or why not.
Short term (5-10 years).
Medium term (10-15 years).
Long term (over 15 years).



A summary of your conclusion.



Make sure the format is correct.
Site a minimum of 5 liable sources and at least 2 of them need to be from 2 research studies, even if it is from the internet. You will have a separate Citation slide (a.k.a. Biography, Cite Works, Reference, Sources, etc.). Here is an example of a source sited from the internet. (Note all the punctuations.)
New York City Human Resources Administration. http://www.nyc.gov/html/hra/html/statistics/statistics.shtml. Accessed June 22, 2018.
If your resource is from the website, make sure you write the date you accessed the website.
Remember to use the APA format.

The Topic is Drug Abusers in New York City.

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